Building Good Habit is HARD

Recently, I try to build some good habits with Momo. It’s hard because most of the time, I do activities based on my mood. Ironically, I honestly loved to write schedule and plans, I even did it since I was in elementary school–you know, wake up at xxx, study at yyy, sleep at zzz etc etc.. but I always failed my own schedule. It’s not surprising that my personal life is actually kinda scattered because being consistent is like my mortal enemy.

And now I am a mother, I don’t want my children to waste so much time like I did. But to teach her this, I must start it with myself.. right?! I know, being too ambitious is possibly the cause of my failure, so I will just start small with myself and her. Hope this small things would one day expanding to another, more difficult good habits (looking intensely at my exercising/healthy plans)

Well, these are good habits that I start to introduce in our family :

  • Tidy up bedroom, right after waking up in the morning. Momo will fold her own blanket and help me changing the sheet.
  • Drink water, a lot of it. Because we tend to forget it 😂
  • Divide chores to all family members (do not check phone before get the essentials jobs done!). Momo will help wiping the tables. Mama prepares breakfast, do the laundry, fold clothes. Ayah washes the dish, throw the trashes, and do small errands. Usually I did chores as per my mood 😂
  • Momo and ((Mama)) must put all stuffs back to their place.
  • Murojaah every day. Longer surah would be recited with me, the short ones with her father.
  • Sholat jamaah at least once a day with Momo.
  • Before we sleep at night, we must speak out our gratitude towards Allah.. Like tell each other things that make you feel grateful today. I hope this will teach her (and remind us as the parents) to appreciate “small” blessings that we tend to take for granted. And also to teach her that Allah is Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim.

We have just started this few weeks ago, and surprisingly, Momo is quite cooperative. Yes, sometimes she would delays things or she’s just not in the mood, but overall, she’s easily get used to these new routines. And her favorite activity so far is at night, when we must tell our gratitude to Allah. Glad she never forget that one ❤️

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