To The Little Baby in My Womb

You are a miracle for me, for us

I never thought I would conceive a child naturally, after 7 years of marriage

The first few months, I was so helpless, so sick of being sick

The second trimester I could feel you move inside, like a tickle

Such a tiny wave in my tummy that makes my heart filled with excitement

My little baby, to be honest I have so many worries now

That I don’t give you the best I could do as I bring you around.

That I am so busy in my own thoughts and fear.. That you might hear me cry, yell, or get so angry.

But you have to know, from deep within my heart.. I only wish for you to grow healthily, comfortably

Be a healthy, beauty baby

Let’s meet when you are ready.. I will be there to hold you, to give you all I have

I love you, so much.. Just too much, my child

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