I admit that I am addicted to phone, internet, the social media. I use my phone like 5-6 hours a day at least!! Mostly spent on Instagram and Whatsapp.

I don’t know what the hell I am doing in IG, I thought I just scroll and scroll but it actually consumed a lot of my time. I rarely post anything, you know. I am not too keen of people who overshare everything about their life. I don’t have someone I follow religiously. But I do check pandemic-related news/information quite often. And other miscellaneous information that were mostly useless. Just adding frustration into my life, to be honest.

Next, is Whatsapp. I think it’s quite understandable because I communicate with my friends, family, grocers, restaurants, etc through that application. I cannot live without it. How do I order my food? How do we exchange information? I cannot meet people now, how am I supposed to do? But.. 2-3 hours a day in WA is also a bit too much, right? Without real interactions with real people, it’s getting so boring and depressing sometimes.

Using phone is kind of guilty pleasure for me. It distracts me from real life, real problem. It’s both good and bad; well mostly BAD I know. But can’t help.. I honestly need it, but don’t want to feel FOMO. I don’t want to look for my phone every hour, sometimes just for checking out things that doesn’t make sense at all. I hate it, I hate it. I can do much better activities.. Like resting well, more time with my daughter and husband, even watching TV shows are better because at least it keeps me focus on one thing.

I truly don’t want to be enslaved by this piece of technology 🥺🥺

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